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USCA Rules of Curling:

Rules of Curling 2017-2018.pdf

Broadmoor Curling Club Specific Rules for League Play:

  • The Broadmoor Curling Club follows United States Curling Association (USCA) Rules of Curling (see USCA Rules of Curling unless stated otherwise by the League Coordinator prior to the start of a League.  When Doubles Curling is played the club shall use the Mixed Double Championship rules as provided on our webpage.  The Club/League Ice Technician shall be consulted on initial stone placement for Doubles Games.
  • Game Results:
    • To make the most of our leagues we encourage teams play their games.  If there is insufficient players to play a normal League game the team with sufficient player wins the game and reports a 4-0 score to the League Coordinator.  If neither team has sufficient players to play then the game is considered a 0-0 tie.  When a forfeit occurs, players are encouraged to use their sheet to play a doubles game to “practice”.
    • At the end of 8 ends or the end of playing time the team leading is declared the winner.  The winning teams Vice/Third is responsible for reporting results from their game to the league coordinator.  Failure to do so will result in a score of 0-0 and a tie being recorded.
    • If teams are tied at the end of regulation play Skip Stones shall be thrown one time.  When Skip Stones are thrown it is played as if an extra end were played except each Skip is delivering one stone.  The following shall be used:
      • The teams Skip shall deliver a stone
      • Play is considered as if a normal stone is being delivered
      • Third shall call ice for the Skip
      • Leads and Seconds may sweep for the Skip
      • Once the Skips stone has stopped the distance to the button shall be identified and the Skips stone is removed from the ice.  After both Skips have delivered their stones and their distance has been measured the Thirds will compare distances:
        • The Skip that is closest to the button is considered the winning stone, their Third will report a score where there team wins by 1 point to the League Coordinator
        • Same distance; the game is tied and both Thirds will report a 0-0 score to the League Coordinator
  • Team standings in league play will be as follows:
      • Win/Loss/Tie record
      • Score Differential.  Score Differential is the difference at the end of a game added to a teams previous Score Differential
      • Head-to-Head comparison
      • Random
  • Broadmoor Curling Club Doubles Guidance
    • Initial placement of the non-hammer Guard Stone shall be either 10.5 or 7.5 feet above the 12 foot ring.  The League Lead Ice Technician should be consulted as to whether at the 7.5 or the 10.5 point and if the stone should be placed closer or further from the ring.
    • If there is no League Lead Ice Technician available the non-hammer Guard Stone shall be placed to the hogline side of the 7.5 foot mark
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